USPS Banking | Overview

Making banking more accessible by returning banking services to the post office. These services can be accessed through the mobile app, the website, or in the post office itself.

team Members

Noah Lewis: Research, UI Lead, Brand Guidelines, Iconography
Taylor Confer: Research, Co-UX Lead, App Content, Web Content, Web Design
Brianna McBee: Research, Co-UX Lead, App Content, App Design
Hunter Selgem: Research Lead, Kiosk Content, Kiosk Design


Many Americans are unbanked. This is because many can't afford fees associated with banking, or get confused and intimidated by banking. Also for some finding transport or time to stop by a bank is difficult.


Our Solution was to bring banking back to the post office. This would allow for lower fees associated with banking. We decided on a mobile solution so those who can't get transportation or the time to come to the post office directly can access these services through their mobile device.


Design Guidelines



Mobile App

Desktop Website

USPS Kiosk

In order to accommodate those without mobile devices, or computers, we created an instore kiosk, where customers can access banking services right in the post office.