Unit | Overview

Unit is an app that works to create an easy way for your community to help one another get the food they need. This is done right in the apartment complex of the community, through a community accessible pantry.


COVID-19 effected many people in many ways beyond just getting sick. It hurt people's incomes, and changed many store hours which depending on your schedule could keep you from being able to get many necessities such as food. Given these things we needed an affordable way for people to get goods, at any time.


The best way to solve this was to see in what ways communities could help each other out. We took the already popular idea of community pantries and further connected the community to the pantry in a way where they could still be social distant. We did this by creating an app that would be connected to the pantry, allowing you to see what is in the pantry, request things to the pantry, at anytime and from your own home.

Design Guidelines

Paper Prototypes


Pick Up function

One of the main Functions of Unit is the ability to see what items are in the pantry, and then select them for pick up. After selecting what you want to pick up, Unit gives a code that is used to unlock the pantry to take the items.

Drop Off Function

The second main function is the ability to drop items off at the pantry. This works similarly to the pick up function but instead of taking from the pantry you are adding items to it.

Request Function

The last main function is the ability to request items you need to the pantry and fulfill others request from the community.

Other functions

The other functions would be to be able to change your location so you can have access to the nearest pantry, or to initially get connected to your nearby pantry. Another function is a recipe page that reccomends recipes based upon what is currently in the pantry.