Finfares | Overview

Finfares is an electric airliner. The goal of Finfares is to help people see the world and save the world by lowering travel emissions.

The Challenge

The goal for this project was to create a branding system for Finfares that could be applied across many elements, and show their goal of uniting travel and being eco friendly.

The Solution

The solution was to unite a dolphin and a plane in the trademark in order to show they're central message of eco friendly travel, and then expand a system from it, which would be applied to multiple elements needed for an airliner.

The Logo

The goal in this trademark was to unite the fact that Finfares was an airliner and that they were eco friendly. In order to do this we took a well known animal associated with Miami, where Finfares is based, the Dolphin, and united it with a plane.

Design Guidelines

Brand Expansion


Plane MockĀ Up