Texas State Wayfinding | Overview

The goal of this project was to make the Texas State campus easier to navigate for students, faculty, and visitors. We did this through creating an on campus navigation system through the addition of direction signage on campus.

team Members

Noah Lewis: Research, Mock Ups
Kaitlin Noonan: Research, Mock Ups, Survey
Andrea Conner: Research, Mock Ups
Andrew Majedsin: Research


University campuses are confusing for a lot of people, including freshman, transfer students, visitors, and in some cases even upper classmen. Texas State University is no exception and given the terrain it was built on it is even more so than average. So the problem is how can we make the Texas State University campus easier to navigate?


Our solution ended up being to build navigation through directional signage on campus. We decided to do this for multiple reason found in our research. We concluded from surveying our audience and thinking about all the participants in this audience to come to the most accessible solution that would work for all Bobcats and visitors.

Pin Pointing our audience

Our team started by brainstorming who are the most affected by the current and possible future navigation on the Texas State University Campus

Getting to Know our audience

After figuring out who our audience would be, the team decided to create personas to see why they needed our possible solutions, and in what ways would they benefit from it.

Surveying our Audience

Audience Suggestions

The Solution

After researching our audience we decided the best route to go would be to construct signs directly on campus directing people to different buildings. We decided to go this route because most people who have to go on campus said this would help them most, and it was the most accessible to the bobcat community because it didn't require anything but being on campus.